We are a local body of Christian believers who gather to make a difference in the lives of others. We officially organized in August 2008, under the name Grace Christian Ministries. Our primary objective is to reach out to those who are in need of salvation, direction, and hope. We believe in the wellness of human life as constructed by God in two dimensions, (1) spiritually and (2) practically. We endeavor to affect change in these two areas.

Our ministry is remedy-based. We are committed to restoration and partnership with the use of biblical truths. We believe in interactive methods such as, one on one discipleship, and support groups. We endeavor to help God's people learn and understand how to make application of the bible. We believe the Word of God is relevant for today and offers instruction and direction for all of life's issues. We encourage corporate involvement from our congregation in furthering the Great Commission. We believe the work of the church is a community- focused effort from the followers of Jesus Christ. We aim to utilize the various expressions and abilities of our congregation to carry out the mission handed to our local ministry.


We Serve

We believe the work of the ministry surrounds extending hope and restoration to those who are in need of a fresh start. We make outreach the main priority of our organization.

When we opened our hearts and accepted Jesus Christ, we received the most incredible relationship we will ever experience. This relationship is personal and deeply rooted in God's unconditional love.


From the new life that springs forth from God, we seek to build and grow relationships. We believe the condition and quality of our relationships serve as a measurement of how we are progressing in the faith. We focus on helping our congregation comprehend and make application of godly fruit (Galatians 5:22-23). We focus a great deal of our ministry efforts in helping our partners function in the fruit of Jesus Christ. We offer character workbooks along with lectures that cover spiritual and practical principles. We offer writings in the areas of marriage, family, single life, men, women, and young people. These provide instruction, encouragement, and reinforcement in making application of God's Word. We are committed in helping all of our partners increase in their relationships with God and others. 

Vision Objective

We believe the foundation of spiritual living is in relationships

Building and Growing Relationships

We Learn

It creates a lasting and perpetual growth. We believe in the values and principles as set forth in the writings of the Holy Bible. We believe God's Word provides a sound and holistic approach to life.

We Gather

We seek to bring people together for the purpose of interaction, collaboration and spiritual growth. This practice gives way to the interchanging of ideas and thoughts, which creates effective partnerships.