We offer our services and partnership within the Columbia region. Our aim is build partnership and collaboration within the surrounding communities. We especially want to connect with our Cradlerock Road neighbors. We believe the church is an integral part of the community and can make a difference with its involvement. Some of our goals in reaching out to the surrounding communities within the Columbia Region are as follows:

Neighborhood Visitations - We want to introduce ourselves and allow our neighbors to meet us. This is an opportunity to provide information about our ministry, our outreach programs, and to extend an invitation to our services.

Community Days - We want to offer a yearly function for the Cradlerock Community where our neighbors can come out and enjoy live music, activities for the kids, hear relevant topics, and build partnership. More information will be posted in our Upcoming Itinerary Section.

Public School Volunteering - We want to volunteer our efforts in a joint-partnership with schools and parents in helping reach out to the kids through after school mentoring, attending school functions, and any other related points of interests where the schools need our assistance. 

Meeting the Community