Men's Gatherings 2017

We extend ourselves to the community by visiting nursing homes, going into neighborhoods and public places sharing the gospel message, partnering with Grassroots Programs, and mentoring teenage boys. It is a great opportunity for men to come together to make a difference in the lives of others.

Men's Gatherings

Furthering the Cause of Jesus Christ

1. Evangelism for Men - Monthly

The goal of this particular area is to encourage interaction with the purpose of sharing the message of hope, healing, and holistic opportunities for men and boys of all ages. The idea is to take the opportunity to share God’s Heart for the purpose bringing new men into the Christian Faith where, they can experience brotherhood. 

2. Discipleship and Enrichment Gatherings -  Monthly - more information...

We discuss matters pertaining to manhood, share experiences, seek solutions, and provide discipleship. The Holy Bible is the foundation for our learning and enrichment. The program is one year with four volumes of subjects to help Christian men develop and live out their faith. 

3. Brotherhood Retreat - Semi-Annually

This is a time when men retreat from the daily grind and have the opportunity to replenish, restore, rejoice, and reinforce their faith. It is a time of refreshing where men participate in sporting activities, enjoy leisure, attend workshops and group sessions that address matters pertaining to manhood.

4. Crisis Intervention - As needed

This program will help men that are facing challenges and seek to move forward in their lives. The settings are personal and group oriented. In these settings, we utilize the Holy Bible, offer spiritual and emotional support, develop strategies, and help with direction in moving each man forward

5. Social Gatherings - Scheduled

This is a scheduled time when men gather for fun, communication, and interaction in promoting social growth. We enjoy activities such as basketball, flag football, and bowling.