Audio Lessons for Married Couples

Growing Marriages in the Fruit of Jesus Christ. 

Marriage Ministry 2019

Marriage Ministry

Focusing on the Spiritual and Practical Principles of Married Life

Featured Series - Entitled:

Beware of Constantly Blaming and Moving Beyond Blaming - 8 Segments

Beware of Constantly Blaming - Segment #1

The Problem with Blaming - (1.)  It tears at intimacy

Beware of Constantly Blaming - Segment #2

The Problem with Blaming - (2.) It hinders personal growth

Beware of Constantly Blaming - Segment #3

The Problem with Blaming - (3.) It creates tension and hostility

Beware of Constantly Blaming - Segment #4

The Problem with Blaming - (4.) It's counterproductive

Moving Beyond Constantly Blaming - Segment #5

(1.) Make Intimacy Your Primary Objective

Moving Beyond Constantly Blaming - Segment #6

(2.) Take Personal Responsibility

Moving Beyond Constantly Blaming - Segment #7

(3.) Stay Away from Harsh Criticisms and Insults

Moving Beyond Blaming - Segment #8

(4.) Seek to Solve Discrepancies in a Spiritual Manner

What We Do...

1. Marriage Enrichment Gatherings  

These are scheduled platforms whereby married couples may obtain information that is relevant for spiritual and practical living. Our Marriage gatherings are interactive, solution-based, and provide insight into matters pertaining to marital life.

2. Marriage Social Fellowships  

The time we spend with one another on a social level helps us to connect in ways that reinforce our spiritual learning. The socials provide opportunities for Christian interaction for married couples and serve as an outlet from the daily pressures of life. We look to unwind by maintaining a balance between the spiritual and practical aspects of marriage.

3. Marriage Discipleship Program - married couples, newlyweds, & pre-marital  

This area offers married couples discipleship in marriage. It is for those couples that want to take their relationship to a next level. This program offers both partnership and guidance. It is a 12-session enrichment opportunity for married couples to experience development in the fundamentals of marital life. The topics range from spiritual positioning, healthy partnership, and  communication in marriage. In addition, it is an excellent way for the couple to strengthen and reinforce the values of the faith for their marriage.

4. Annual Marriage Retreat

Each year we dedicate time for the married couples of our ministry to strengthen their relationships. This is a time when married couples can get away from the routine of daily living to reinforce, rejoice, restore and replenish. It is a time of refreshing when couples will have activities, group sessions, and workshops.