One of the greatest institutions given to the human family is marriage. It embodies the union of Jesus Christ and his church along with the relationship between a man and a woman. it is the cornerstone for family life. The marital covenant is a serious institution ordained by God. Therefore, sound information and a solid practice is essential in apprehending success. This section targets the important areas of interaction between the husband and the wife within their daily roles. It also provides insight pertaining to healthy partnership between the couple when making decisions, setting goals, and navigating through marital difficulties. In addition, there will also be testimonials from other couples in our organization who explored the option of godly perspectives, which catapulted their marriages to the next level. These testimonials will be from married couples who have beautiful pearls to offer from a genuine transparency to help all who read. 

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New Writing!    Forgiveness in Marriage

New Writing!   Communication in Marriage

Attentive to the Lord in your Marriage

Seasons in Marriage

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