Grassroots Food Share - Monthly Distribution

Ministry Food & Clothing share Program - As Needed

Meals on Wheels  - Scheduled

This program is available for those in our congregation who are in need of assistance with their basic needs. There are times when people right within their churches are in need. We want to make sure everyone in partnership with our ministry has their basic needs met. We are a smaller family ministry; however, we pull together and put the focus on those who are challenged with meeting their basic needs.

This is a meal share program for the homeless where we take bag lunches and meals in our church van to remote areas once a month. Our aim with this program is to reach out to those who are homeless or temporarily displaced to share God's love. We also desire to help them reach the necessary resources toward getting back on their feet. There are many people who have fallen on hard times and are in need of direction and partnership toward rebounding.

We partner with the  Grassroots Food Program within our surrounding community. Our congregation donates non-perishable food items and we boxed them each month for displaced families who are registered with the Grassroots Program. Our aim is to help at least 5 or more families each month.

Meal Sharing Program