The Ground, The Seed, and the Harvest 

by: Ann Watson

While sitting here thinking about the responsibility of raising children in this world today, I realized it starts with the parent (the ground) that God gave our youth (the seed). As parents, we must be rooted and grounded in our own spiritual, emotional, and psychological positions. Our position and stability must be solid. Our lives must be in a place with God where we can influence righteousness, wisdom, and power in the lives of our children. This can only take place by way of God’s Holy Spirit, through guidance, truth, fellowship, and a relationship in Him. This relationship will enable us to be that good ground needed to influence them for a life of harvest in their fast-approaching futures. 

Our children are faced with daily decisions and challenges brought on by peer pressure, deception, and traps set for them by the god of this world. Our children's present and future lives are here. 
But there are demonic spirits that come to trap them. Genesis 3:1-6 records that Satan deceived Eve through her desires and she fell and brought her husband Adam into it. She had a choice between remaining in a place with God and being self-centered. She was so convinced that she wasn't doing anything wrong because Satan deceived her mind. The minds of our children are being deceived through the use of technology, media, and the exposure to sex, drugs, or whatever device the enemy of Christ can use.

The seed was planted in the ground (the parent), and it will grow and mature based on the ground it’s planted in. Satan wants to steal, kill, and destroy this seed (our children). As told in Matthew 4:1-11, Satan came to our Lord and tried to trap him with secular things—power, money, popularity. He is situated in various aspects of the world, such as music and entertainment, which he can use as traps to attract our youth. Their dispositions and attitudes about their futures start with what we sow into them. Parents are the real influence set by God for their lives. We are put here for their protection, covering, nurturing, and guidance; but we need God’s help. 

In order to effect change, we must be available to them. The ages of 12-18 are often the ages at which children feel less loved by their parents. These are the preparatory years for their futures. Satan wants to corrupt this process. We as parents must stay on our post. We have to continue to be those conduits in their lives. We must realize there is a fight going on for their futures. Satan is not playing. He used Herod to try to kill Jesus because he knew Jesus was destined for great things. Jesus' parents were good ground. They were chosen by God to bring the seed into an atmosphere where lives would change because of Him.

That same seed is in our children and Satan wants to destroy it. He wants to corrupt the parent by keeping them busy with their own lives. He wants them attached to things—their careers, school, the things of this world. Our children will unfortunately, experience a greater attack than their parents because Satan comes to attack those who are closest to us—those who matter to us the most. Parents need to get back to that place of fellowship and devotion with God, where he can minister to our hearts for our children. Our position and place is very vital to the future of our seed. We must continue to seek God, our Father, for wisdom. 

God has made us a holding place—that place in which He can pour His wisdom for the nurturing of the seeds He has given us. Read the case studies of Moses, whose mother positioned him to be the deliverer of His people (Exodus 3); and Jesus parents, who were instructed by God to move in order to protect the life of their son (Matt.1:18-24). We have to keep a close eye on our children. We have to be involved in their lives. Remember, the preparation is beneath the surface of the ground.  The harvest is the result of prayer, studying, investing good things, and continually nourishing over the years. This creates stability and a harvest for the years to come. All of the water, sunlight, and fertilization of the ground will allow them to grow and mature into the men and women of God he called them all to be. Love, support, and preservation are required of every parent to have healthy, stable, and responsible children who will grow and mature in their lives and in their communities.

May The God of peace, love, and purpose continue to enrich our lives and our children’s lives forever and ever, Amen.

Mother's Corner 2017

A Message of Inspiration to all Mothers

by: JoAnne Martin

I have been a mother for over 45 years. I have 5 adult children and raising them has been one of the most rewarding experiences in my life. A mother is a life giver. You are the sensitive side of the man. You’re the one who is configured physically to bring forth life. The mother is the first person  children see when they come into the world. They are dependent on you for everything. A bonding takes place. At some point the mother weans the child from being so dependent on her to becoming independent. Train up a child in the way he should go; and when he is old, he will not depart from it, Proverbs 2:6.

Children are investments into family life. What you put in them will come out of them. Watch the words you use with your children because words create. When you call them names such as, stupid and lazy, those words can manifest a negative outcome. Before long, your child will believe they are stupid and lazy. Don’t break their spirits or refer to them as “bad”. You’re just fostering that type of behavior, and it won’t help them. Remember, words create. Try words that build up and not tear down. You’re always building!

Keep in mind as they grow, they enter into a world that’s not so kind. They will come in contact with outside influences. Mothers who raise their children in the ways of God will have the greatest influence in their child’s life. It is that mother’s voice that is heard over all outside influences. It is her responsibility to know the details of her children’s lives. She is privy to see and handle issues that no other person can see or handle in her children. She instinctively has a protective mode, like a mother bird covering her chicks in a nest. The mother bird keeps them in the nest until they are ready to fly solo. Even then, she stays close by to watch. However, a mother must also know when to let go and give her children the room to grow. She must trust what she puts in them will manifest in their behavior well into adulthood.

More Motherhood Wisdom:

1. Treat each child as an individual (Don’t compare your children to each other. Doing so creates division among the siblings.)
2. Learn to be objective, not subjective, with your children (there are moments when your children need objective counsel from you).
3. Try not to say negative things about your children (everyone makes mistakes, with God all things are possible).
4. Set realistic goals for your children (this helps build confidence in them).
5. Create fond memories and traditions (They don’t always come in tangibles).

Remember mom, you’re not perfect. Explain this to your children. Allow them to see you live through your challenges with courage. This will teach them to do the same. They will imitate what they see therefore your example is important.

Motherhood lasts beyond 18 years; it is a lifetime commitment. When entering into it wholeheartedly, it reaps great benefits. There’s nothing more fulfilling than to see the impact you’ve had on your children. It means more than getting a six-figure salary, yet a mother deserves one. The job of being a mother is overlooked and under-appreciated in society. There’s no greater satisfaction a mom needs than knowing her labor wasn’t in vain.

You can gain strength, encouragement, and inspiration from mothers who are in the daily grind with their children just like you! We post messages of inspiration, instruction corners, audio lessons, and partnership in prayer. You are not alone! You have support and we are here for you!

Welcome to the Mother's Corner!

The Spiritual Position of a Mother

by: Robin Osborne

The role of a mother is very essential to a child’s growth. She is the nurturer and first teacher of the child. We should never underestimate the power of our influence in our child’s life. To read an example of this, take a look at Luke Chapters one and two.  Study the life of Mary from the time she conceived Jesus to the time He died. She played a key role in every stage of the life of Jesus Christ: His conception, birth, childhood, adulthood, and death. She cared for, nurtured, loved, prayed for, and watched over him. She was there through it all. There is something about a mother who sticks in there with her children no matter what. You’ll frequently read in the gospels that many of the places Jesus went, Mary was there also. At His death on the cross, she was there.

As a mother, you’re helping your child in every facet of his or her life. It is not an easy task to bring forth life, nurture it, and develop it spiritually, practically and emotionally. We will have to suffer long and show unconditional love even when our children are not on the right track. We have to teach and instruct them in righteousness; and they may not always want to hear what we have to say. They may even say that we are being overprotective and may reject our help and counsel.  While we do have to give them space to grow and room to make mistakes, we must never give up or shut down. They may not realize it but they will need our godly counsel (Proverbs 11:14) and our prayers.

Can you imagine the place of spiritual maturity and emotional stability that Mary had to be in to be effective in her role as a mother? She had to be in tune with his needs—spirit, soul, and body. Her devotional relationship with the Father put her in a place where she could hear from God in order to work alongside her husband in helping to parent and raise their son. Ultimately, she knew that Jesus didn’t belong to her—that he belonged to God.  We conceive, give birth to, wean, and raise our children; but we must not forget that our children belong to God. God has given us the responsibility to care for them, and while this may not be easy, it has its rewards.

Think about a lemon. It didn’t become a lemon overnight. It started as a seed. We have expectations for our “seed” and a plan for where we see them going in their lives. We want the best for our children. We want to help take them to their furthest good, but this will take hard work. They can’t get there on their own; they will need your help. Don’t become impatient. We will have to suffer long through their progression. Consider the lemon again. We see a fully developed lemon. But we have to consider the stages it took for the seed to grow into a lemon. Our aim is to extract the juice, containing the nutrients and vitamins we need to aid in a healthy body. Now, while extracting the juice, we sometimes get the seeds. While the seeds can be a bit aggravating, they are a necessary part of the growth of that lemon. We forget that it was the seeds that produced the lemon tree and brought forth lemons. When raising children, trying to bring out and cultivate the good parts while weeding out the bad parts can become a bit frustrating and aggravating. This is where our longsuffering must come into their process of growing. We must choose and exhibit the fruit of God’s Spirit (Galatians 5:22-23)

I want to encourage you. Mothering is not easy and requires patience, unconditional love, and toil. Don’t give up, continue to put the work in, and when times get challenging (as they will, especially when your children get older) continue to manifest unconditional love. Your devotional time with the Lord (prayer, studying God’s Word, etc.) will reinforce and train the mind to not give into your frustration but choose God’s way of dealing with your children. Although it takes much sacrifice on our part, raising children can be rewarding. Consider Jesus Christ who came to the earth, took on the sins and suffering of the world, and laid down his life for us to bring us back to the Father. Jesus looks back on his labor and sees his reward. He thinks to himself, “it was worth it.” Today, we are sons and daughters of God because of Jesus!  (Isaiah 53)