We Learn

It creates a lasting and perpetual growth. We believe in the values and principles as set forth in the writings of the Holy Bible. We believe God's Word provides a sound and holistic approach to life. We believe Christian discipleship will increase the opportunity for spiritual and practical success. We are passionate about providing guidance and development in the areas Christian of living, marriage, family, and personal growth.

The learning methods that we utilize are as follows:

1. One on one and group discipleship
2. Focus groups and gatherings
3. Ministry training classes
4. Conferences and workshops

5. Devotional application booklets for character development for marriages, men, women, and young people

6. Foundation and discipleship Booklets - (4) Units or One year
7. Lecture-teachings on CD and downloadable mp3 formats (Visit our E-Store for these audio resources)


We Gather

1.We seek to bring people together for the purpose of interaction, collaboration, and spiritual growth. This practice gives way to the interchanging of ideas and thoughts, which creates effective partnerships. It says, “You have a group and a place where you belong." We view this as an opportunity to begin a process of emotional healing; building bridges toward restoration; and establishing effective relationships. Through the idea of gathering, we believe this will build a culture of integrating Christian marriages, families, men, women, and young people from all nationalities.

* Visit the Service Section to view our gatherings and services for all five focal areas.

We Serve

We are convinced the work of ministry involves extending hope and restoration to those who are in need of a fresh start. Outreach is the main priority of our organization. At one point, we were in need of change within our lives and turned to Jesus Christ for salvation. We experienced forgiveness, restoration, and emotional healing. It is from this experience that we make every effort to share the redemptive plan that God is offering every human being. We seek to provide outreach and volunteer services in the areas of:

     1. Neighborhoods and Communities

     2. Nursing Homes and Rehabilitation Centers

     3. Prisons and Detention Centers

     4. Homeless Shelters and Grassroots Programs

     5. Hospitals and Hospice Care

     6. Boys and Girls Detention Homes

     7. Mentor Programs in Colleges and Public Schools

Main Objectives