Pastors Team - This group of leaders headed by a lead pastor facilitates teaching on various platforms, and advises in the areas of marriage, family, men, women, and young people. The pastor's team oversees the organization's administrative, spiritual and practical development, and all other duties related to the office of a pastor. 

Elders Team - This group of leaders is under the supervision of the pastoral team and works alongside them to support and oversee the organizational structure. The Elders team is responsible for managing the organization, reinforcing disciplines and policies, teaching at designated platforms, discipleship training, administering of ordinances, and providing spiritual oversight.

Outreach Team - This group of missionary-minded individuals comprises of men and women who partner to further the cause of Jesus Christ in the community. They provide: information relevant to the Christian Faith, outreach services, food/clothing distribution, providing nursing home and assisted living services for the elderly, and extending hope to those institutionalized. The outreach team is community focused and seeks to extend God's love to the citizens in various regions.

Administrative Team - This group is responsible for all ministry related correspondence, scheduling, web-designs, outreach and marketing materials, publications, production of booklets, brochures, presentations, organizational business workshops, conferencing, and all other duties related to the administrative efficiency of the organization.

Ministers Team - This group of individuals teaches on designated platforms, instructs within our vision focal areas, serves in the area of outreach, and provides all other services related to the ministry.

Focal Operations Team - This group comprises of leadership from all organizational teams coming together on a monthly basis to discuss objectives for the ministry.
Organizational Teams