Grace Christian Ministries 2019

Furthering His Cause in Our Day
Ministry Symbol
The triangle represents the three points of focus that propels our mission to affect change through Gathering,  Learning, and Serving. In addition, it also represents the methods we employ in accomplishing our mission as an organization. 

The Gather side is an infrastructure used to bring marriages, families, and people together for the purpose of spiritual and social interaction.

The Learn side of our symbol represents the investments into each one of the focal groups to ensure discipleship, healthy maintenance, personal, and relational growth.

Finally, the Serve portion of our symbol represents efforts in making a difference in the lives of all people regardless of color, creed, or nationality. We dedicate ourselves to accomplishing these objectives. We desire to practice our convictions by extending life and compassion to all we are fortunate to serve.

The three-sided ministry symbol is a powerful expression of our efforts as we seek to perfect our faith and to further the cause of Jesus Christ. Galatians 2:20