A Vision to Further His Cause

Furthering His Cause in Our Day

Grace Christian Ministries 2018

Anthony Martin 

Lead Pastor

The Lord has impressed upon my heart to focus on building a community of believers, where the virtues of the Christian Faith, come through the various expressions of his people. Our organization focuses on mending, strengthening, and providing direction. We focus on spiritual and practical development. We believe Jesus Christ taught principles in both of these areas, toward a holistic approach to living. At one point in my life, I was in need of the Lord's forgiveness and restoring power. I discovered through my road to recovery, people who were in the same condition. They were living in shame, despair, and in distress behind misguided choices that left them broken. It became clear that people are in need of partnership to help them work through their challenges. Our ministry became convinced the Lord was leading us to undertake a mission that involves mending and restoration. We knew it would involve a corporate commitment that would embody the ideals of the Christian Faith. 

We believe the work of the church is a community-focused effort. We envision a place where people receive salvation, come back to the Lord, and work through their challenges. This is where the church becomes relevant, as each follower of Jesus Christ knows firsthand what it means to experience forgiveness and restoration. We envision an atmosphere where the Lord's people are working in partnership to bring emotional and spiritual healing to those who are in need (Luke 4:18-19). We envision people in group settings and attending discipleship forums where they can learn how to move their lives forward. The Lord has burdened us to focus on the brokenhearted, the backslidden, those in need of direction, and emotionally wounded.

There are (5) categories of people who need support and direction: Marriages, Families, Men, Women, and Young People. These categories are the foundations that affect the citizenship, quality of life, and peace in all regions of our world. In these categories the work of the ministry is relevant. We believe it will take a group of passionate people who have been restored and want to see others experience the same freedom!