A focus on establishing a strong Christian culture through gathering, learning, and serving. The idea is to focus on the spiritual and practical needs of those who are in partnership with our ministry. People come into a church with various needs. Those needs range from spiritual direction all the way to personal development or growth. The church of Jesus Christ is experiencing a wider range of spiritual, practical, and social dynamics than it has over the last 20 years. Therefore, it is important that we use the Holy Bible as our primary source for addressing the needs of God's people. He has outlined the essentials needed for a holistic way of life, which is ultimately found in his son, Jesus Christ. We have listed our primary goals which are fundamental and essential toward the construction of Phases II & III.

 Fundamental Goals of all Three Phases

Objective #1 - A Teaching Platform that targets the fundamental development of Christians in their spiritual and practical lives. The platforms of development that our teachings will derive from on our Sunday (Worship Service) and Wednesday (Bible Study) will come from anyone of the (4) major themes:

     1. Christian Development – lessons taught for Christian maturity and growth.
     2. Evangelism Development – lessons taught to explain, reinforce, and provide understanding concerning the mission of the church.
     3. Relational Development – lessons taught to develop the spiritual and practical skills to function successfully within interpersonal relationships.
     4. Personal Development – lessons taught to help facilitate and reinforce the importance of individual growth.


Objective #2- Christian Discipleship – In Matthew 16:24, Jesus spoke of three essential disciplines that are necessary for every disciple; (a.) self-denial – that is, the practice of submission to God which can be achieve through daily fellowship with God. (b.) Take up his/her cross – this is a figurative approach to personal cost to living for God that restricts one from a sinful and vanity-filled lifestyle; and (c.) To follow Jesus – that is, to live out one’s faith with the conviction that Jesus is the way, truth, and life.

     1. Discipleship Program – this program will provide the essentials needed to educate the disciple of Jesus Christ on how to live out his/her faith. We

         have discipleship facilitators who come alongside to offer interaction, explanation, and direction concerning the tenets of the faith.

Objective #3- Gatherings & Learning – These are dedicated times where we come together to experience fellowship as the disciples of Jesus Christ. These are aimed to achieve spiritual, interpersonal, and collective growth for our church. There will be various gatherings with concentrations on relational, gender, ministerial, and Christian development. We aim to focus on the various needs of the aforementioned categories to strike a spiritual and practical balance in the lives of our congregation. In addition, we desire to open our gatherings to those who are interested in learning Christian values and what it means to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Our gatherings will consist of:

      1. Marriage Gatherings – A group atmosphere that provides marital direction according to the Holy Bible and collaboration with other married couples               toward marital growth.  See Marriage Gatherings

      2. Family Gatherings – will be held in a workshop or conference format, which will address a wide-range of topics relevant to the family. The goal                       is to develop and reinforce Christian values in family life according to the Holy Bible. See Family Gatherings

      3. Men’s Gatherings – we focus on the spiritual and practical relevance to manhood. It will focus on one of the most fundamental components to              

          Christian living, which is “bearing fruit.” This also involves fathers coming together periodically to share and fellowship. See Men's Gatherings

      4. Women’s Gatherings - we focus on the spiritual and practical relevance to womanhood. It will focus on one of the most fundamental components to                  Christian living, which is “bearing fruit.” This also involves mothers coming together periodically to share and fellowship. See Women's Gatherings

      5. Adult Singles Gatherings – we focus on the spiritual and practical life of single Christians. It will provide a broad range of topics relevant to living as     

          an unmarried person. The primary focus is to provide structure and stability in building a spirit-filled life in Jesus Christ. See Singles Gatherings

      6. Young Adult Singles - focusing on the spiritual and practical life of young single Christians. The gatherings focus on life-directed learning and 

          activities that help cultivate Christian values with their daily lives.There will also be social opportunities for collaboration and interaction. More Info.

      7. Youth Gatherings – we focus on the values of the Christian faith by introducing, reinforcing, and making applicable God’s Word. The goal is to help

          young people understand how to protect and incorporate their values within daily lives. There will also be social opportunities for young people to

          release, interact, and collaborate with one another. See Youth Gatherings

      8. Bible Development Courses and Workshops – we offer a fundamental approach to learning the bible. The Development Courses and/or workshops      

          will provide a basic understanding of various topics in the Holy Bible and to help strengthen the spiritual understanding of each partner.

      9. Advising and Christian Development – we offer insight to those who desire to take their relationship with God to the next level by addressing  

          and tackling some of the challenges they are facing. This can be administered one on one, in a group setting, for married couples, etc.

Objective #4- Serving – This reinforces and makes applicable all that we provide through our gathering and learning experiences. Our goal is to put into practice the doctrine, tenets, and spiritual concepts of the Christian faith to further the cause of Jesus Christ. We will mobilize our efforts through various means of outreach across a wide-spectrum of human needs. Our aim is to provide various services as an extension of the church of Jesus Christ.

     1.  Grassroots food-bank
     2.  Nursing home visitations to the elderly
     3.  Correctional Institutions for men & women
     4.  Boys & Girls Detention Centers
     5.  Information Center that has a listing of philanthropic and state organizations such as homeless, medical, and clothing centers.
     6.  Community Partnerships with professional organizations.
     7.  Finally, to share the gospel in our personal travels, relationships, and interactions.
Objective #5- To Procure a Building or a more Permanent Meeting Space to Facilitate our Objectives 

     1. We will utilize our current meeting place to hold many of the gatherings in addition to library meeting rooms and community centers.

     2. Our aim is to procure a more permanent meeting space to hold the many services that we provide. We will be looking to procure space that can    

         accommodate sanctuary/chapel styled seating, classrooms for our developmental plans, offices for our administrative services, and to have more      

         opportunity for future endeavors. Therefore, we believe having a meeting space that can facilitate everything that we do as a church helps in furthering 

         the cause of Jesus Christ toward our next Phase.


Phase One - Furthering the Cause of Jesus Christ