“I Am a Woman of God”
By Michelle Haynes

How confident are we when we make that statement? What entails being a woman of God in the world today? We know that the state of this world is very seductive and feeds the desires of the flesh. So how do we combat this? Is it enough to say that we are born again, we attend church and are morally good? These questions are necessary to open our eyes to the truth and see where we are. They’re not meant to condemn us, but to warn and secure our position in the Lord.

When we walk out of the door, the enemy (Satan) is waiting and ready to challenge us (1 Peter 5:8). We need to be aware of him and understand what he attempts to do. He wants to separate us from the Lord. He is cunning, astute, crafty, and calculating. He looks for opportunities to lure us away from Jesus Christ, and we may not be cognizant of what is happening or how he is doing it.  Maybe a connection, conversation, or thought can lead us in the wrong direction and cause hardship. In Genesis, chapter three, Eve merely had a conversation with Satan and it changed her life forever. She was asked, “Has God indeed said, ‘You shall not eat of every tree of the garden’?” Satan studied Eve, paying attention to her daily routine and how she interacted with Adam and God. He heard the conversations she had. He was deliberate in his exchange with her, selecting just the right words that would cause her to disobey the instructions given by God.

It is essential to know our position in God and what it means to truly have a relationship with Him. We are His daughters and the Lord desires for us to understand that the world only offers death (1 John 2:15); but, He has the gift of eternal life. As we mature in our relationship with the Lord, we will long to fellowship with Him in the scriptures, pray and worship, which will draw us closer to Him. There will always be challenges in our lives as Christians and as women. The question is where do we go for guidance and answers to these challenges? We are not perfect and our Heavenly Father doesn't expect us to be; however, knowing who we are and striving to grow in our position as His daughters will lead us on the path to being Women of God in His eyes (Romans 12:1-2).


Sisters Corner 2019

“A Beautiful Exchange”
By Robin Osborne

No one can see from the outside what God is doing on the inside of us. From the outside, it may appear unattractive, undesirable, and rough around the edges; but God is doing something very special on the inside. When a caterpillar is in its cocoon, no one can see the many changes that it is going through on the inside. We only see the final manifestation, and that is a beautiful butterfly—a beautiful creation. Consider how the caterpillar moves on the ground. It wiggles and reaches its destination very slowly. It goes through a period of transformation in the cocoon.  This is not an overnight process.  It takes about two weeks for the caterpillar to emerge from his cocoon and become a butterfly, which is an amazing thing to see. Try to picture in your mind a caterpillar and then, a butterfly. Can you see the before and after picture? Now sisters, reflect on where your life was when you were in the world and where your life is now. We all have a before and after picture. We all have come a long way, so don’t be discouraged. The fact that we have been brought out of darkness into His marvelous light is what we can build upon. Again, think of the caterpillar who was once on the ground moving slowly and is now a butterfly that can travel further distances and fly. He is no longer limited to the beggarly elements of the ground. He can see and experience the environment at a greater level. Sisters, we have been brought into a relationship with God as our father, through Jesus Christ. We can now see and experience God’s kingdom to a greater measure. This happens daily as we remain in a place of devotion with the Lord. Remember, the caterpillar remains in the cocoon. He doesn’t come out ahead of time but sticks through the process. Sisters, remember our transformation is not overnight. Transformation into God’s image is a process and is a beautiful thing to behold. We are shedding those old ways and becoming a new person in Christ daily. We will go through periods of refining or purging, and sometimes that won’t feel so good. There will be times when our character won’t reflect the image of Christ. However, don’t come out of your cocoon (that devotional place with God). Abide in His Word, stay the course, and don’t ever give up!  being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Christ.  (Philippians 1:6)

Furthering His Cause in Our Day

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“Encouragement to Women of God”
By Constance Warren

As women, we have to make choices that impact our lives in various ways. Some of these decisions are minor and some are life changing and impact us greatly. The day-to-day affairs of life can lead to distress and anxiety if we choose to respond to them impulsively. The good news, however, is that God has provided a way for us to handle the cares of life by giving us provisions through His word.  Relying on Him helps us build our relationship with Him as our Heavenly Father. In John 17, Jesus prayed a prayer for us. His prayer showed that he understood that this world can be a difficult place to live in.  He prayed that we would be kept and have joy in Him. Mostly, He prayed that we would be one with our Heavenly Father and with Him. It is comforting to know that a way has been provided. The scriptures give us guidance and instruction to help us on a daily basis. As we use the Word of God for direction in our lives, our trust and confidence in Him increases and He assures us that He is with us every step of the way.  

“Daughters of God”
By Robin Osborne

We are God’s precious daughters, made in the very image and likeness of God. God is love and nothing is greater or more pure than love. It is the bond that is perfect; it ties and holds us together. We reflect God’s image in our sisterhood. Unity is a beautiful thing in the sight of God (Psalm 133). There’s nothing more beautiful and appealing than women who reflect the image of Christ.  We are sisters who not only share a common bond in Christ, we also have purpose. We believe in partnership—coming together to see God’s purpose fulfilled in our day. We approach our fellowship with Christ, with one another, and our service to God wholeheartedly.  

We believe in coming together for the purpose of bonding, sharing, giving, and servicing. To see a beautiful and powerful example of our purpose, spiritual connection with Christ, and sisterhood as God intended, read Luke 1:26-57. We believe every sister has a place in furthering the cause of Jesus Christ in her day. We truly care for one another and are determined to carry out God’s purpose in our lives for the sake of helping other women. Our desire is to make a difference!

By Patricia Jefferson

So many times, I sit here and think of what God has done in my life, and in those moments I can barely take it all in because it is so overwhelming. You need to understand, that is how He does things. When God is in the process of transforming our lives, He takes His time to make sure that all the details are perfectly lined up in His will. Before you even realize what is happening, your entire life changes in so many ways you lose count. You are never ever the same again. Even though it doesn’t happen instantly, once it happens, and we continue on the path that He has set before us, it never ends. The more we seek Him and desire to be more like Him, the more room He has to move in our lives. We don’t realize how much He really loves us. We have an idea because we thank Him every day for saving us from our old sinful lifestyles. We really do not understand the intricate details, the endurance and patience that He had to have just so He could ensure that we would not only be changed, but would have abundant and fulfilling lives full of peace, joy, and love. Yet God didn’t stop there, He also gave us the hope and promise of eternal life through His only Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus not only showed us how to live a Godly life but was crucified on a cross to guarantee that every sin we have ever committed would be wiped away and forgiven. Think about all the years we wasted trying to figure things out on our own. Think of the time and energy we gave to that, ignoring and running from God. It is only by His grace and mercy that we are who we are today. That is His overwhelming love that I can’t describe, and I am completely blown away.

“Godly Friendships”
By Latoya Young

Women of God, we tend to give a great deal of attention to our friendships; however, we must evaluate the types of contributions they are making toward our growth in Christ. Think about the story of Ruth and Naomi (Read the Book of Ruth it is a powerful narrative of God’s providence and faithfulness). Ruth knew that Naomi was a key connection and benefit for her. I want you to think about the effects your friendships have on your life. Pay attention to important areas, such as character, interaction, and the types of conversations held. These areas should be fruitful and glorify Jesus Christ. Try taking time to consider what you are bringing to your friendships. Are you offering your friends godliness? Are your friends challenging you to take your relationship with the Lord to the next level? Evaluate these questions because your connections really have an impact on your life.

“Remember Who lives in us”
By: Kendra Kay

Women of God, we have the eternal, all-powerful, Holy presence of our Heavenly Father living on the inside of us! Just allow that to penetrate for a moment. Yes, of course, we know this intellectually and biblically that we “have” the Holy Spirit; but in the daily grind of our lives, we have the tendency to lose sight of the fact that Jesus is in us. The same power of Christ that saved us is now a permanent resident within us and can transform the lives of countless other women who cross our paths. At times, we may admire what they have; but ultimately, we have the one they need! Remember sisters, we are not just ordinary women; we house someone extraordinary!

“Knowing your Self-Worth”
By Pamela Fletcher

So many women have made the choice of settling. There are countless women who settle in their relationships and in their self-respect. I was one of those women. I have learned that some women do not know how to respect themselves. One thing is for sure, every woman has a history and a past. Depending upon each woman’s situation, she can compromise her worth by yielding to unhealthy relationships. When you see another woman in this state ask yourself, “what can I do to help this sister know her self-worth and escape the corruption of low self-esteem, misguided behavior, and an unhealthy thought life?” Read what Jesus said in John 14:6.

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