The splendor and significance of a woman is vital for her overall esteem. It is essential that she has the proper guidelines for her femininity through the knowledge of God's Word. It offers truths for both the spiritual and practical areas of her life. She can discover the richness of God's love and care for her as she is exposed to his words. Let's face it, there are many secular definitions of beauty and significance; however, many of them are inconsistent with the Christian faith. It is essential that we share with our sisters the need to make application of spiritual truths to ensure her purity is honored. This section will provide subjects that address the various needs in womanhood. It will help build a solid foundation for both spiritual and practical areas of daily living. In addition, it will offer testimonials from other women who were faced with challenges and their encouragement in moving forward.

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The Process that Leads you to God

Discipline is your Friend not your Enemy

The Power of your Words

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